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and she got Shang! Girls shouldn't wait around for guys to save them anyway. Mulan is amazing, and this is just one of the reasons why.


Grandma doesn’t care…



Disney insults and comebacks.

From Aristocrats. The little girl cat says, "Ladies first" and her brother states, "You're not a lady, you're nothin but a sister."




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Pixar does it again!

Mind Blown. Pizza Planet truck inserted in every Pixar movie. I have a feeling they had a hard time putting it in Brave... maybe there's a pizza carriage?

This is my all time favorite Disney quote! I just it all the time!!!! "Dishonor on your cow!"

Funny scene- Grandmother: Great, she brought him a sword. If I were her I would bring him a man! Shang: Uh, is Fa Mulan here? *Mother and grandmother points behind.* Shang: Thank you. Grandmother: Woo, sign me up for the next war!

This is so true. When I first started college, I stocked up on school supplies. Now that I'm a sophomore, I realize that all I need is pens, highlighters, paper, and a computer. At this rate, I probably won't even need a pencil by the time I'm a senior.