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and she got Shang! Girls shouldn't wait around for guys to save them anyway. Mulan is amazing, and this is just one of the reasons why.


Disney introductions…

Got to love Disney ♥


Disney insults and comebacks.

From Aristocrats. The little girl cat says, "Ladies first" and her brother states, "You're not a lady, you're nothin but a sister."

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Best school day ever

How awesome is Johnny Depp?!

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Which Disney Princess Do You Look Like?

What Disney princess do you look like? Snow White Your beauty is known all around. You never stop amazing people around you. You find that people are often jealous of you, but that never stops you. Why does Snow White look like Kristin Stewerd

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21 Oddly Satisfying Disney Moments

21 Oddly Satisfying Disney Moments I swear this is why I watch disney movies over and over lol

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Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses I do love them sorry if thats against the norm these days but never hurt anyone to like the princesses in fairytales

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I Dreamed a Meme: Les Miserables Meets the Internet

Aladdin and Jean Valjean

!!!! Disney IS always right

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Imaginary number

Pretty much my daily thoughts!