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How To Curate Content Better In Less Time

A rookie mistake is sharing all your content at once in a huge bunch and then going long stretches without anything else. Don’t do this. via @PegFitpatrick

How to Use Pinterest for Creative Entrepreneurs

Calling all creative entrepreneurs! If you’ve been hearing how amazing Pinterest is but haven’t figured out how to use it - this is for you!

Trolls in the Hood

Trolls and bullies are very similar in that they are looking for attention, even if it’s only negative attention. via @PegFitpatrick

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Evernote in Your Small Business

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5 Tips to Build More Loyalty With Your Twitter Fans : Social Media Examiner

Do you want to build deeper relationships with your Twitter followers? To reap the full benefits of Twitter, approach your engagement in a personable way. In this article, youll discover five ways to turn your Twitter followers into loyal fans. Via /sm/