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My Malaga BMW 2002 (circa '75) resides in a Western PA Barn :( ~ Screams for too Much Money ~ But no Cracked Dashboard!! :)

BMW 2002: Beautiful as automobile aesthetic, as art/photography. A purposeful blend of shade, bright work and aesthetic.

2002-6289 by James Burrell, via Flickr

Time for today's Vintage. Can you find this black beauty is from which year and brand?

Neue Klasse: IMO the most beautiful BMW series ever, the 1500 (my uncle had one - 1966), the 1600, the1800 and 2000s (especially the CS) - und richtig schnell (the 2002)...

BMW 2002 a classic, just like my 1st car:)

Think what you want. I say a stanced car is to a factory car what a superhero is to an everyday human. It just looks... right.