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Dr. Zoidberg is the best!! haha

No shave November Don't Shave December Just a little longer January Furry February Monster March---and shaves again

The Netflix dilemma. -D

  • Scott Meyer

    cable at its best thousands of channels with no guide= i dont watch tv anymore it s just to damn confusing

I feel that I've pinned this before, but who doesn't love Shaun?

Dr. Zoidberg

Internet responds to victim getting revenge on rapist. Rape culture 180

  • Lily

    I laughed so hard........ Perspective is Everything!!!!!! This said it All :-))))

  • Mrs Xmas

    Love this

  • Cindy Jossart

    Every time I read this I sigh happily.

  • Michael Hoffman

    This is why I love the Internet. Karma had his number and he got it all. At least he knows what to expect when he gets where he's going. Muwahahaha:)

  • Sandra Han

    I love this. This is exactly the same responses a rape victim gets. We call that fair. Would you call this fair? Would you? What about from that man's perspective? If you take one single damn moment, you will see that he was burned. He committed an inexcusable crime. Am I in favor of this? I could argue both sides. Yet do people look at both sides? No. Fight against rape. Rape is messed up.

Ok when I first saw this I thought the kid was getting eaten until I read he was the Indian version of Voldemort....Ok.....Someone name an Indian kid Harry Potter!!!!

Beatles ft. Yoda

halloween costume

-London is confusing for Superman.

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