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Wish I lived in the city/was 21 so I would have places to wear this stuff

Great boho top, fun fun bag, sandals are a fantastic color. Jeans tight around the ankle balance well with the blouse-y top.

love this one too, except the purse, it's kind of strange shaped...

Love the Turquoise with oh so boring gray. Turquoise is one of my most favorite colors. and I love the other turquoise color that has a bit more blue in it just as much.


Coral and Turquoise--loving this combo color. Not sure how much I like the dress.

orange- are we seeing a pattern here?

Orange and turquoise for Fall - I have GOT to find this necklace! i LOVE everything about this outfit!


Adorable for you younger chick-a-dees; I might wear it with the jacket for sure:) Coral and turquoise absolutely pop. I want those boots under my Christmas tree:) love everything but the dress

Premier Designs Seabreeze necklace, Mckenzie earrings. Baubles & Bling by Lynn on Facebook.

love the pops of turquoise - my shorts will be a little longer and my hair is blonde but I really like this outfit.

I love this hippieish style tunic. I could live in these:) Created by "Obsessions".........she is one of my fav creators on Polyvore:) katieintn dahling you look fab 1

I love this hippieish style tunic. I could live in these:) Created by "Obsessions". Love the wedge or could be worn with some cute sparkling sandals or flat flip flops

Love the plaid jacket!

basic dark shirt with dark wash jeans and grey happy shoes wear with the I feel like I just robed a salvation army jacket and gray hat. lose scarf and where everyday black purse.