Lake Vyrnwy, Wales

Lake Efrnwy reflection ~ Wales

Cliff Castle, Trapani, Sicily, Italy

Straining Tower - Lake Vyrnwy, Wales (built in the 1880s)

Tintern Abbey in Wales


Lychakivs'kyi district, Ukraine

Rapunzel’s Tower, Wales

Castle Moritzburg, Dresden, Germany

Hohenzollern Castle - Stuttgart, Germany

Lake castle

Burg Eltz Eltz Castle is one of the most beautiful and best preserved castles in Germany. It lies in a romantic setting surrounded by an unspoiled landscape, inviting and majestic at the same time - like a fairy-tale castle come to life. Eltz castle has remained in the possession of the same family for over 800 years. What an interesting place to see!!

Towers of Conwy Castle in Northern Wales.

castle in Scotland

Burg Sooneck is a Medieval Castle in Germany

Ardverikie, Scotland

Castle of Tarascon ruins - located south of Avignon and north of Arles, on bank of the Rhône River, France.