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  • Little One Books

    A companion to the best-selling Mama, Do You Love Me? and Papa, Do You Love Me?, this beautiful book captures the unique bond that exists between grandmother and grandchild. Set in Hawaii, the vibrant watercolor illustrations and lyrical text combine to capture the lush landscapes and unique traditions of Hawaiian culture, while at the same time conveying a universal message. Sure to be another instant classic.

  • Little One Books

    Grandma Calls Me Beautiful by Barbara Joosse - Age 3 and up - Hardcover - The author of Mama, Do You Love Me? presents a new book about the unconditional and unique love between a grandmother and grandchild.

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I miss my grandmother so much sometimes. I often feel like she was the first person, and for a long time, the only person in my family to get me. She was the person I looked to and thought, "Oh, I do belong here." I like to think that she's still watching out for me.

my Grandma Guthrie... who loved me unconditionally for 46 years, out living both my parents and taking their place when i needed her the most.

"A Visit to Grandma's" by Nancy Carlson; one of my favorite authors growing up. This was a favorite. Great story about adapting to change.

I want to dance at my grandchildren's weddings.

christmas pictures and quotes for remembrance of loved grandparents that have passed away | Grandmother .....has ears that truly listen

My little azslin, ur smile brings out all the best in me. You light my life with possibilitys & make me forget my insecuritys!

I can't wait to be a grandma one day :) Well... I can.... You know what I mean, lol

A grandmother is a babysitter who watches the kids instead of the television.