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  • Sylvia Seaglass

    collaborative art, 1/4 yours: going around in circles can be quite fun...start in the center and...add your favorite colors...and work towards the outside adding magazine and construction paper cut outs...and blobs of paint, and pen doodles, and stamps of more paint and then... cut your beloved painting into 1/4s... and pass one piece of yours to the person on the left and so on and so on have a gorgeous new piece of art with a touch of your creation and 3/4s of your friends. no...

  • Janet Perkins

    For kids or adults! Pamela Holderman: going around in circles... painting with groups.

  • Kathy Suchara

    concentric circles art idea

  • Leah Lynch McFadden

    Collaborative art project

  • Susan Artin

    Start in the center and add your favorite colors. Work toward the outside adding magazine and construction paper cut outs and blobs of paint and pen doodles, and stamps. Cut your painting into fourths and pass one piece to the person on the left and so on until you have a new piece of art with a touch of your creation and 3/4s of your friends. note: we then doodled with permanent marker on used laminate and attached brads to adhere this to the top of our art for a wonderful multi-layered look.

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Circle Painting from DSS - this activity is so great!! I once did a Greek moral painting project similar to this and all the kids had a blast!

Collaborative mural tape off borders= triangle or rectangle...good blog-ArtRocks

Love this! Do you have a crafty pre-teen who likes to think out side of box and be silly? Wreck this Journal is amazing. If gives them simple or silly or off-the-wall creative projects to creatively journal. Check it out at Books a Million. The author has more products similar with other art projects. It's not a normal journal and it isn't a step by step art book, either. Fun for boys and girls.

Imagine every child and adult in the bldg. creating their own Kandinsky circle. Make it mixed media, even. Love the colors of these, though

Painting with Vegetables Collaborative Art for Kids (I like that they worked on a different color everyday and used that color fruit/veggie and paint to add to the picture.)

Idea of giving each student 2 dots of their own (one to decorate with cool colors and one with warm colors)

free time activity...have students who finish early hunt through magazines for the letters A-R-T. Collaborative art for the classroom. Great Idea Frecklephotoblog!

kids will love this format, especially if they find their own branch // great project for a group

Paint individually, chop up your art and exchange quarters with 3 others in the class to make a collaborative piece. Fun Spin on Kandinsky

art Auction idea -- each child decorates a circle