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TWD Day 21. my weapon of choice is a Japanese sword, Katana 刀

Blade and Mounting for a Sword (Katana)

Katana - While Aikido uses bokkens which simulate a katana, Aikido's sister bushido Iaido does use katanas. I found this diagram useful in learning the parts of a katana / bokken.

Katana, copy of the sacred sword Genji. Blade length: 63.8 cm. NBTHK:: Tokubetsu-Hozon.

Beautiful red katana.As an alchemical symbol aspects of the sword are representative of purification through the process of life and death. Furthermore, Buddhism recognizes the sword as a metaphor in that the sword cuts through ignorance to reach to the truth in all things….“cutting through” wrong thought.

There is beauty in the empty space...

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Double steel triple turned hand carved steel and titanium Katana by Horimoto Kyiadi - cost 50,000 USD - one day this will sit nicely in a display case in my sword room :)

“He who the sword of heaven will bear / Should be as holy as severe”__ The Duke, Measure for Measure, Act 3, Scene 1

Katana - Historically they were one of the traditionally made Japanese swords used by the samurai of feudal Japan.

Katana. "Sharper than your barbers razor behind a mass of steel rolled and folded to perfection. Makes easy work of a man by a skilled master." WH