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The Good Lord blessed him ;) @Jess Liu Sutton Simpson hahahahahaahahahaha

You look a lot like my next boyfriend love quotes funny quotes quote girl boyfriend girl quotes / for the single people!!! Lol

"if you're gonna keep being cute then you'll have to kiss me. I'm sorry I don't make the rules"

I like that glasses suggest intelligence instead of broken eyes. It's also ok if they suggest that you have a sense of style. ;)

"I've got a question for you Gabriel this once" I smiled looking up to his eyes, tasting the blood in my mouth as I hung. "Go ahead" he folded his arms, grinning. "Can you see the 'fuck you' in my smile?" His grin faltered with shock, "If the answer is no, look harder." I finished with a laugh. "Cute" he swung.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 74 Pics Is it weird that I'm like this with carrot cake? Carrot cake > chocolate cake :)