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How was the AIDS epidemic reversed?

IF EVER there was a demonstration of the power of science, it is the course of the fight billed “Mankind v AIDS”. Until 1981 the disease (though already...

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Talk about provoking an emotional response. This is from the book Gramps, which is now out of print. This is a photo of a grandson taking care of his grandfather.

  • Charlie Hooker's Wood Works

    All me grand and great grandparents died at home being taken care of by family members. If when Im old and getting low and the kids god forbid, cant take care of me I'm starting the old truck, run a hose and listen to some of my favorite music.

  • alisa hancock

    Any parent would love to raise a child to be such a loving wonderful man. God bless him!!!!!!

  • Shari Whiteley

    It is wonderful to see that there are families still out there that will take care of their family members. All too often it is the family who abuses our elderly! Yay for you!

  • Deb Logan Nix

    My Daddy has Alzheimer's and we have to help him in many of these ways.'s what we do!!

  • Cheryl Schultz

    Love had no bounds for this gentle soul. His grandson was truely one with the maker of all.

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Behtany Hamilton. At the age of 13, she survived a shark attack in which she lost her left arm. She was able to overcome the serious and debilitating injury and made an amazing comeback to her dream of professional surfing. She's incredible.

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