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These are PROTIEN PANCAKES! See BNeely3 Insta for more foodies and great fitspo!

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Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Cottage Cheese Pancakes - With these low-carb, high protein cottage cheese pancakes, you can enjoy America's favorite breakfast without the guilty conscience.

Ripped Recipes - Chocolate Protein Crepes - The easiest recipe ever. This is the simplest version for a QUICK and easy morning. Add fruit, greek yogurt, or pudding if you can fit it in your macros!

Ripped Recipes - Birthday Cake Protein Pancakes - I figured I could follow-up a cake booty picture with the appropriate pancakes. Also, someone asked if I have a recipe for birthday cake pancakes - I do now !! Also, it's not my birthday, but I fuckin love cake.

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Double Chocolate Protein Crepes - Protein Treats by Nicolette Makes 1 serving 1 serving = 2 large crepes total with fluff and toppings Macros for 1 serving 328 calories, 37.1g protein, 33.9g carbs, 6.4g fat, 8.1g fiber, 3.4g sugar