Cleaning up the clutter in the kitchen via Martha Stewart #Clean #Kitchen

Use a cake stand for an elevated soap dish -->

10 Pretty Ways to Keep Your Countertop Organized — Kitchen organization.

Unconventional Ways to Store Your Makeup - Beauty Product Organization - Cosmopolitan

Sometimes you can’t help but have a few things out on the counter. The only way to keep the clutter at bay is to have them all corralled in a tray or beautiful vintage box like this one.

Kitchen counter organization. Put everything in one tray to move easily for cleaning

Use a small shelf to have things accessible but off the kitchen counter.

something like this would be cute in my kitchen.

Use a plate stand for extra bathroom storage. Smart!

Great idea for storage!

Great idea!

This is a great way to DE CLUTTER your cleaning supplies and get organized. Love this idea :)

cute counter top organization

great idea - kitchen space saver

Use a Deep Kitchen Drawer to Store Utensils Vertically

Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

Stack pans instead of nesting them. Turn a vertical bakeware organizer on its end and secure it to the cabinet wall with cable clips.

Easy soap stand and/or cake stand (made from a painted candlestick and a plate)

Kitchen with spice rack drawer below gas cooktop. Well organized pull-out spice drawer ...

12 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips | Pocket organizer under the sink for small items that get lost under the sink.

Cut a shoe organizer in half and use it for bathroom stuff to have a clutterless counter......q tips, cotton balls, lotions, hair stuff, brushes, etc.