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    Galapagos hundred-yard dash

    In the south, "Aren't you precious" translates to "At least you're mama thinks your pretty" and "Bless your heart" translates to "Can you really be that stupid"

    I'll never be too old for hocus pocus.

    people: sorry no can do

    ancestry clues


    I'm allergic to food. I break out in fat.

    Yea that...

    Made me smile

    Look harder... Too funny!

    I'm not sure how many problems I have because math is one of them.

    Mermaid man and barnacle boy in the invisible boat-mobile, getting some McDonalds

    You sound like you’re from London…


    Robin Williams tweeted: "I think I wore it better." haha

    Serves credit card companies right. Bottom feeding scum suckers.



    Ten Amazing Coincidences…

    My Childhood is ruined.... Even if it isn't real. It's a pretty interesting thought on the whole concept of children's cartoons. I know for a fact though that the rugrats one couldn't possibly be real! Or else they wouldn't have had "All Grown Up." The continuation of "Rugrats."

    My ONLY Kardashian pin... Love it

    but that's not important right now

    Si-rules of camping... Duck Dynasty Quotes

    This shirt is hilarious!