Glowsticks on the front steps for Halloween night.

Steph.. these would look amazing in your front yard... and be so appropriate as you are a designer!

Floating candles for Halloween. Toilet paper/kitchen roll tubes (paint the rolls white) + led candles + fishing line = Floating candles

This is so great! Eyes in the Bushes - use glow sticks and hide the eyes in the bushes for Halloween.

Beach balls painted to look like eyes put in a tree for Halloween! this is AWESOME! how about glow in the dark paint !!!!

Halloween Decor - Get a Dollar Store Touch Light with base painted black and black marker used to add face. Spooky! | Budget101

YES!!! I am TOTALLY doing this at my front door for Halloween!!!! CREEPY!!!!!!!

Witchs hat ring toss - and other fun ideas for a kids Halloween party (would be great for classroom party ideas)

For the mantle they purchased a few oversized jars, filled them with cabbages and twigs submerged in water then backlit them with two florescent blacklight bars. Your average highlighter glows under blacklight, so to achieve the glowing jar effect they cut open a few highlighters and drained them into the water used to fill the jars.

fake fire DIY for Halloween

Holy crap on a cracker, I'm doing this next halloween!<<<<< This expression is the excellent work of the previous pinner. I tip my hat to you.

Fun Halloween Decoration :)

Door Step

The re-purposed toilet paper rolls would be good with different colored glow sticks in them to shine through the eye wholes. Then I'd put them in the flower beds in front of the porch. Easy DIY

Gross and fun food ideas for kids on Halloween...and cub scout gross cake contests?

Ghosts dancing in the front yard. I've seen this before and always thought it was so cute.

Fall front porch

Front Porch Trees: Who says that trees can only be decorated during Christmas? One can string fake cobwebs, plastic spiders, and even small skeletons on the small trees on their front lawns.

Gruesome Halloween Decor - Neighbors were Spooked by This Scary Halloween Prank (VIDEO)

I really have to do this for Halloween...

Very clever Halloween front door decor