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Hollie's Blue Raspberry Lemonade Slushy

Ice Blue Raspberry Vodka Lemonade and Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-Aid Uv Blue Vodka & Ice Perfect for summer! OMGGG

The blue screw driver. The ingredients are... .5 oz UV Blue, 4 oz Orange juice, 1oz Citrus Vodka. Instructions...mix the citrus vodka and the orange juice together. If you have a shaker add ice and shake like hell. Strain into the glass and add the UV blue.

Going on a cruise and don't want to spend a fortune on drinks? Pour your vodka in an empty Listerine bottle, add 3 drops of blue food coloring and 1 drop of green. Wa-la! You now have a 5th of vodka to use for your beverages!!! If you drink a dark liquor, like whiskey, simply use the white listerine bottles!

A fun layered drink is a great way to keep cool on the 4th of July! Try this Red, White, and Blue Vodka Lemonade Slush from Homemade Hooplah!

Skittle Alcohol Drink= AMAZING Third of glass- Sweet Sour mix. Third of glass- Crangrape juice. Third of glass- Raspberry Vodka.