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Why do some human beings' Quantum Mind Reactions go to full mind and body possessions and others not? Which physical body behaviors or movements exemplify Quantum Mind Reactions? How can one assist and support oneself to apply preventative measures to ensure that one does not act out Quantum Mind reactions and accept or allow such reactions to become a possession?

What process is involved with unifying our mind-awareness with our bodies and reality? What is ‘mind-awareness’? What is involved with taking Ideas from the Mind and manifesting them with Self Awareness into Physical Creation? How can an Idea(s) unite humanity when we stand equal and one with an Idea(s) and create this reality together?

How does the mind ensure that we cannot look at memories with awareness to learn from them? What does it mean to look at memories with awareness? How did consciousness evolve by ensnaring our memories and limiting the evolution of our self awareness?

How can you become possessed by a moment in the past? How did the individual in the case study become possessed by a memory of herself from a past moment? How did the individual in the case study actually develop a personality system over time from not dealing with their thoughts and reactions that they were suppressing?

How does the Mind Consciousness System ‘record’ all the reactions that you have participated in in the Mind and what is the relationship between these recorded reactions and the experience of Gloominess? What is the difference between Gloominess and Depression? Why is it that most people are actually in a state of Gloominess and how can you practically assist and support yourself to identify where, when and how the Gloominess experience manifests within you?

What is the connection between not having sex for a long period of time and becoming irritated, annoyed or angry with the ‘little things’ in your life? How does the sexual energy that is generated in the Mind accumulate within the mind and body? How is this sexual energy channeled into reactions of irritation, annoyance and anger? Why is the Mind and the Physical using reactions of irritation, annoyance and anger as ‘energy release points’ and how can you assist & support yourself duri…

How can you practically support yourself in relation to one of the Main Polarities within the Mind between the ‘big issues’ as reactions you face and the ‘smaller issues’ you react to in small bursts of energy throughout the day? How does the Mind divert your attention to focus on the energy experiences of the Mind, and within this, miss all the relationships and constructs in the Mind that activate the energy? How can missing these relationships between constructs and energies cause you …

How and why do memories stored in the body change over time into an organic material that becomes part of the physical body? What are the consequences of such memories becoming part of the body? What within the physical body allowed the information and energy of the memories to become a part of it? Why were the Creators of existence not able to foresee this merging between memory and the physical?

Why and how would one experience resistance when identifying the three dimensions of the Main Personality of the Mind? How can one assist and support oneself through the Mind’s defense mechanism as resistance? How can one practically assist and support oneself to identify the ‘Experience Dimension’ of the Main Personality of the Mind? What did the Creators pre-program in the Mind of the human being that would specifically change or switch every ten years, and how does this relate to id…

Why did Anu never Show emotion or embody any reactions during his reign of existence? Did he suppress his emotions or did he quantify himself to change them and immediately respond to beings and situations? Why does he say that, as a Leader, you cannot show your emotions or reactions? How did the responses of others to Anu's emotion cause him to change?