If I was forced to give a VD card...

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Would love to wake up to this on a work day! Remember this when we were in school and had a "snow day"? that was the BEST! As my daughter (now 28) says .... "It sucks to grow up!" Indeed it does.

I see this everywhere.. Don't grow up?? What does growing up mean to you? The body grows up you kinda have to dress or change no matter. The heart can stay young forever though. And the mind can entertain like a child. But to grow up is to be responsible for more then self.. I grew up before my time. Ill let my kids be kids for as long as they need. But I think we all have to grow up..:/



Until I wake up at 430 to work out ugh...


happy valentine's day...Awe this reminds me of our first kiss lol

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More like I like naps and I don't like you. Ecspecially when you wake me up from one.

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Yep. :)

I already want to take a nap tomorrow. I been so darn tired lately, this is so me!


summer. summer. summer. summer.