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My third book written to be easy and straight-forward for busy parents so they can prepare the dogs they love for the children they will love. So many dog/children problems can be avoided when the dog is prepared and the parents are forewarned. Enjoy!

Dogology: What Your Relationship with Your Dog Reveals about You Vicki Croke invited me to do this book with her and what fun we had! Only book I know written from this angle. Full of ideas to ponder.

Paws to Consider - inspired to write this one after reading many a selection book written by people who had never met or trained the dogs they were recommending. I included only breeds I had worked with or owned and that were fairly easy for people to acquire. Broke the book down by reader need not by breed group. Gave people real information on the breeds they were considering. So much more to dogs than their look!

In the middle of the night, Miss Clavel turned on the light and said..."something is not right" - how oft quoted!

It is the perfect gift to give to others who experience pain in their lives. The moral of the story: we can be more whole because of missing pieces.