Def had one of these

I carried this thing around with me everywhere! It came with a yellow Fisher price cassette tape :)

80-s..... No! This is 70's... I had all of them. Mid'ish 70's. Would love to find one again.... CK

It's SO bizzare to stumble across a toy you forgot you had.and then the sight of it brings back EVERYTHING. How it smelled, the texture on your fingers.this mermaid just did this to me.

bubble gum...I loved these when I was younger

orange juice bubble gum - Mom used to let us get these from the toy store in the mall.

Hacky sacks with instructions for people who don't know what they're for

Funny Guy Mugs - Hacky Sacks Imported from Guatamala: This item is hand made in Guatemala and Funny Guy Mugs Branded. These are of the highest quality. Do not be fooled by cheap China made imitations. The Hacky Sacks will be just like the ones pictured.

Swatch 80's Stripes Watch

Had a super large watch hanging on my bedroom wall back in the lol

Yes I used these to basically make my hair look like I had stuck my finder in an electrical socket!

First the soft benders to curl your hair, but after that I got a Carmen set with heated soft benders.

Fisher Price Pull A Tune Xylophone - still have this too xx

Old-fashioned baby toys from that have been around a long time and are still loved today.

Fisher Price Medical Kit

Fisher Price Medical Kit - Loved this!

Swatch watches. I lost my first one, babysit bratty kids for months to earn enough to replace it (the exact same leopard print one), then dropped it the next day only to have it run over by a school bus! LOL! So, yep, I babysat some more and bought the third one.

I had this pink and turquoise swatch as well as giant wall swatch watch in the same color & pattern (which I must admit.

"Heads down, thumbs up!" said the teacher during a rainy day recess .....

Who remembers playing " heads up- seven up" in elementary school? I always cheated and watched the kids feet

Disney Poppin Pals - Vintage 1980's Toy- Playskool via Etsy

Disney Poppin Pals - Vintage Toy- Playskool via Etsy.Another toy of Willy's that I gained more enjoyment from than him!


thedailywhat: “ Matt Whitwell: “Cassette Rainbow” Prints available here.] ” I used to have a colored cassette collection.