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Awesome barstools

funniest bar stools ever. #isthisforreal #humor #funny #laughedoutloud #haha #lol #funnypics #barstools #doubletake #idtakeapicturetoo

Funniest bar stools ever! You had to take a few looks didn't you?! ... the butt is a barstool hahahaha

funniest bar stools ever. Panther Creek Barstools needs to step up their game

funniest bar stools ever. Omg!!! This is too funny..

funniest bar stools ever! Too funny!

too funny... chairs(:

Hilarious bar stools.

Funny Pictures (50 Pics)

fun bar stools O my laughing at this one!!: Giggle, Barstools, Chairs, Funny Stuff, Humor, Funnies, Bar Stools, Things

Random Funny Pictures – 45 Pics

Because Pinterest Projects Are Hard: 35 People Who Nailed It: Nailed It, Chocolate Bowls, Funny Pictures, Food, Funnies, Nailedit, Balloon, Pinterest Fails

Funny Stuff for Your Day: Nailed It--- can't even tell you how many times i've had the Nailed It moment...

Nailed it. (Im pretty sure youre supposed to let the chocolate cool down a little! ) - more funny things:

Nailed it. (Im pretty sure youre supposed to let the chocolate cool down a little! )

“Try it” Pinterest said, “It will be fun” Pinterest said. PINFAIL!

Dump A Day Funny Picture Dump Of The Day - 51 Pics

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 51 Pics

Chocolate goodness pintrest fail.

Pin fails!

How Angry Birds were conceived

I knew those Angry Birds looked familiar. Muppet + Muppet = Angry Bird #muppets #angrybirds #cuteness #clever #hestonw

Another pinner said: "Angry Birds and Sesame Sreet...." Kermit and Miss Piggy are NOT SESAME STREET! THEY ARE THE MUPPETS! TOTALLY DIFFERENT, and exceptionally better, TELEVISION SHOW!!! DAMNIT!

this is too funny! Sesame Sesame Street and The Muppets.. Angry Birds Equation :)

Sesame Street+Sesame Street=Angry Birds also Muppet+Muppet=Angry Birds

I knew those #AngryBirds looked familiar. #Muppet + Muppet = Angry Bird

big bird gets around - Sesame Street + The Muppets = Angry Birds

Are the Angry Birds Muppet love children? funny-stuff

Found this funny thing on how to get angry birds.

Muppet + Muppet = Angry Bird SO TRUE!

the funniest thing ever.

You remind me of my Chinese friend...Ug Lee. | Thinking Of You Ecard |

You remind me of my Chinese friend...Ug Lee. This is just for you honey ;0)

Free, Thinking Of You Ecard: You remind me of my Chinese friend...Ug Lee.

so wrong but so funny... Burn!

WOW just WOW..Funny stuff

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

You be uglee! Hahahaha

Made me giggle!

E Card

His gang sign is WHACK! LOL

PEMDAS... not sure whether to classify this as classroom or funny stuff... either way it could be useful! :) @Jenna Gabel @Nikki Adams

Please excuse my dear aunt Sally (parentheses, exponents,multiplication, division, addition, subtraction) = math genius

Haha, the nerdy math teacher in me had to repin this. Taught my kids a song for this last year :)

I'm sorry to interrupt this kid's dope ass swag, but is that a cookie monster hat?

hahahaha ... nothing like a cookie monster hat to enhance your gangsta status!!

i think my kids would remember this better than please excuse my dear aunt sally

..With his Sesame Street Cookie Monster cap. REALLY Kid?! haha

Forget dear Aunt Sally... Is that a Cookie Monster hat??

Inspiring image 9lolscom funny images, funny images, funny kids, funny memes, funny messages, funny people, funny pics, funny pictures, funny quotes and sayings, quotes and sayings #751741 - Resolution 408x581px - Find the image to your taste

yep, thats how its done

An (angry) explaination for how to win Rock Paper Scissors

this, my dear friends, is how to win rock paper scissors

This is a lil FYI... How to win rock paper scissors...

Hilarious Rock Paper Scissors Debate ~ A right laugh!

Sorry, I thought paper would've protected you lol

This, is how to win Rock Paper Scissors

Funny Pictures ? 27 Pics

Rock beats paper

demotivational posters, paper rock scissors - Dump A Day

La clase nunca se pierde.

When your pinky toe sticks out, it may be a sign that your sandals are too small...

can't.....stop.....laughing... If the shoe fit, wear them!!!

Pinky toe protest......if the shoe fits.......

No no extra toe...shoe FAIL this scares me

Oh my I can't stop giggling

Oh, gurl.... #shoefail

so funny

Funny Stuff - Putting a smile on your face.

It will loosen with time - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport, food, memes, cute, fail, wtf photos on the internet!

Haha awesome!

funny shit! Wanna freak out your neighbors? Name your wifi 'FBI Surveillance Van 7.'

Wanna freak out your neighbors? Name your wifi 'FBI Surveillance Van 7. So funny

lol My neighbors have some unique and funny wifi names too!

Now THAT'S funny stuff right there!

good idea...

Awesome idea

green eggs and ham

Dr Seuss and Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy. Green eggs and ham. Our son is missing, have you seen him anywhere?

Kermit & Miss Piggy ask Dr. Seuss character holding green eggs & ham if it's seen their missing son...picture quote!

Our Son is sascomic #Kermit #Green_Eggs_and_Ham #Dr_Seuss hahahahaha!!!!

So funny! Our Son is sascomic #Kermit #Green_Eggs_and_Ham #Dr_Seuss

green eggs & ham # Miss Piggy # Kermit # Sam I Am # Dr. Suess # missing child

Green Eggs & Ham / Dr. Seuss / Cat in the Hat / Kermit the Frog / Miss Piggy

#funny. So that is where they got the green ham from Dr. Seuss story

Funny stuff!!

Funny pictures about I had my suspicions.... Oh, and cool pics about I had my suspicions.... Also, I had my suspicions... photos.

I have a massive issue with ones need to share their uniqueness via novelty bumper stickers and stick families

Thank you for informing me you have a stick figure family of 6... Your minivan had me under the impression you were wind & single.

Exactly the reason I won't put a stick figure family on my grey minivan. One visible stereotype is plenty.

lmao. So funny. Love it! Never understand the stick figure families.

Minivans and stick figure families.....some of my most hated things

Haha! I hate those stick figure family stickers AND minivans!

So funny! I hate those stick family window stickers!

Mini van stick family hahaha

that's funny stuff!

LOl this is awesome

12 Most Awkward Baby Photos - This poor baby looks like hes sad he doesnt fit in the wagon... I laughed too hard at this!!

Awkward Family Photo? Poor Kid Apparently Doesn't Want A Wagon Ride. It's Not Really Big Enough For His Tushie.

Fat babies are my favorite! Funny Baby Picture: The Red Wagon Blues - The Laughing Stork ........ this is so adorable!!!!!!!!

Fat babies are my favorite! Funny Baby Picture: The Red Wagon Blues - The Laughing Stork

Poor kid! But thanks to awkward family photos, we all get a giggle!

big fat baby. tiny wagon. hilarious. can't stop laughing!

LOL poor baby but I can't stop laughing!

Awkward Family Photos...poor baby

You thought your baby pictures were bad, wait until you must see these 26 photos. How bad are they? They could possibly be considered the world's worst baby photos ever taken. As you scroll through these them just be thankful that your parents didn't do this to you... or did they?


I hate tacos…

;) too funny

But seriously, NO ONE EVER should say they hate tacos. Mexican food is the BEST.

I can't just have Juan taco! (See what I did there?)

Mexican word of the day...Ebola!!!

idk why this is so funny...

Why am I laughing so hard

Happy cinco de mayo :p

I hate tacos lol

I love puns!

Oh giggle

unicorn bike

Haters gonna hate, unicorn bike! This kid is my hero. Check out the boy's face in the background! Bwahahaha!

Haters gonna hate. I can't decide if this is the biggest fail that's going to get this kid's butt kicked, or the most awesome bike ever.

haters gonna hate! why i find this so funny idk but i may have just peed a little lol

This is awesome. And I love posting funny things on my "inspirational" board.

Haters gonna hate unicorn bike...because kids aren't beat up enough....

unicorn bike. this kid is awesome....*giggle, snort* Hilarious!

Haters gonna hate! #unicornbike

funny stuff right here!

It is true...what is? That is...  TRUE DAT!!! This is some random humor for what is on my brain today! Say it with me, True Dat! Probably the most accurate statement I have heard all day! Someday I will do a blog on my calendar - holy cow, that one will be NUTS! I tried to come up with something clever for the S S at the end of the calender (Same Shyt - too boring), (Soul Sucking - true, but a little morbid for the weekend), (Strikingly Stupendous - say it out loud...why did it take so long to get all the syllables out???) True Dat...and NO, I do not want a chilled glass on the side. Why is it considered tacky for a female to drink beer out of a bottle at a restaurant. Hell, bring it to me in a can! Another thing about all of those who say "I don't like how beer tastes," You aren't supposed to TASTE it, you are supposed to DRINK it! Man Up and throw one will be refreshingly bad azz of you...  You know that's right! I do zero things correctly until I can smell it brewing. I only have 2-3 cups a day, but man they help with my ability to function. True Dat! My man makes coffee stronger than Brian Shaw, and my dad makes coffee as weak as a dying, I'm kind of in between kinda gal. BTW...I take 2 blue sugars and no cream (unless you have a fun flavor). Coming from the kid on the unicorn bike, "Haters gonna hate" - you can't get more TRUE than DAT! Love yourself, be original, and don't worry about what other people think. "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Just don't leave behind "that" kind of trail - True Dat! SteFunny ♥ Photo Shout Outs, W T F, Yes Beer, Unicorn Bike, and Holler Back if the other ones are yours. Thanks!

Then I would hear them! Lol

I wish fire trucks and ambulances played 'Move Bitch, Get Out The Way' instead of using sirens. That would be so funny!

It's terrifying how people just cut off a fire truck going lights and sirens! Every time Brandon takes me with him, I'm holding on for dear life and yelling at the people in front of us haha

Move Bitch, Get Out the Way #music #rap #funny #ecard

I thought this was too funny!!!

Cause THAT would be awesome!

haha that'd be so funny

and police cars!

Funny stuff

too funny

OMG, that is too funny!!!

Save Energy. How would you like it if someone turned you on and left you there? - Light switch cover with icon of a man -

Save energy. Hehe, a little bit tacky, but funny none the less... and so true!

I'm so doing this haha will remind me to save energy and make me giggle.

Save energy. This is so funny to me!!!

Funny things...haha Blake's Man Cave

light switch - save energy!

Funny stuff right there

Save energy: Go Green!

Man cave: save energy

Skreenedfrom Skreened

Aimed Higher But Settled | Tank Top


This is so funny. Especially since my husband is so terribly jealous of Channing Tatum. (and the dreams that I have about him!)

Skinnysluts - Trendy Designs by Sofia - Skreened T-shirts, Organic Shirts, Hoodies, Kids Tees, Baby One-Pieces and Tote Bags

Hahahaha - I tell my hubby all the time, I love him, but Channing Tatum is gonna be my second husband one day!

Channing Tatum Shirt! I need this my man hates Channing tatum so it would be so funny!

Every girl needs this bahaha how true !

Hahahahaha. #channingtatum

hahahaha so true LOL

True story

no you are not on my bucket list No you are not on my bucket list! Funny tshirt! Printed on Skreened Tank

this is the funniest thing ever

Did Someone Blink? Racist Camera FAIL hahahahaha! Funniest thing ever!

this is funny shit!(ps I am not racist at all but this made me laugh)

Hahaha! This happens to Kayla all the time!

this is the funniest thing i have ever seen

HAHA Funny thing is, they made the phone!!

Did Someone Blink? Racist Camera FAIL

that is just terrible, but so funny!

thats horrible! but really funny...

Asian eyes cannot be avoided.