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Well...I wasn't going to do BOTH arms....but since the left shoulder is planned.......LOVE....

Art Nouveau tattoo - it is amazing how defensive others get when reading someone's opinion that doesn't agree with what they are in to. Unless you are being personally attacked lighten up. Thankfully we live in a world where everyone isn't in lock step with just your beliefs.

tattoo of the moment, im thinking down my left side

beautiful mucha. vibrant, bold color. soft, pretty lines.

whoa, this is totally my friend Genavieve. Her clothing choices are equally as cool as her amazing tattoos. And she's a makeup artist. Kid's got style for sure :)

Based off the Mucha Monaco girl..but without the girl. Kelsey Narish you would like this

oh. wow. again... another piece that makes me wish i didn't already have work in progress. just beautiful...

Pretty. love the negative space.

I’ve been seriously considering getting a tattoo Alphonse Mucha style.

Nouveau Mucha tattoo piece by Electric Linda