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. #wonderful



(spotted by @Suzettevri49 )


Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

Military = moving all the time (other great crafts in the post, too) (courtesy of @Erlenejyx37 )


Cake cake cake Cake cake cake Cake cake cake (thanks @Keithaghw450 )

Chris Evans

Shamrock Shake Recipe

Shamrock Shake Recipe

4th of July

I love braids...but my hair is way too short :( (spotted by @Jodeelmx172 )


Greatest proposal ever! The Unbreakable Vow (originally seen by @Odetteeuy597 )

handmade coasters, part of handmade gift collection #nifty

tory burch. (originally seen by @Marinegmc97 )

Baking soda uses (originally spotted by @Refugiagtv242 )

Duct tape storage...DUCT TAPE people


chocolate icecream bowls - could also use for mousse or other desserts

Green Beans

resurfacing cast iron #wow