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sabrina ward harrison hey, i have this on my wall. took a workshop with sabrina in brentwood years ago, bought it there.

Expressive Watercolor Washes. Abstraction. Composition. Shapes (geo-morphic). Colors (harmonies and contrasts). Texture. Layering. Juxtapositioning. (See Gude.) Tie thematically into felt qualities of an experience, music, dancing, dreaming... Look at Aboriginal Dreamings (dot paintings), Miriam Shapiro (I'm Dancing as Fast as I can), and Miro or Kandinsky. Watercolor painting fun, but is much harder to do well than you think.

imagine... beautiful image. beautiful idea.

One piece by Sabrina Ward Harrison, one of my favorite artists, I regret not seeing more new stuff from her lately, she lives in Silver Lake, now,

journal-ing inspiration

This brings so many ideas. The recycled aspect of used books. Creating a composition with taking away as well as adding to a drawing. The mixed media aspect. And portraiture.

one of my ordinary heroes - artist sabrina ward harrison - I thank you more than I can say

sabrina ward harrison. still one of my favorite artists.