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Sometimes it's hard to gauge the waters of breastfeeding without other moms sharing their experiences. I followed these schedules to breastfeed my babies from birth to 6 months, and maybe they can help you.

Mama’s Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle is a perfect gift filled with all-natural necessities for every breastfeeding mama.

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When mom breastfeeds, dads can feel like they’re out of the loop. Here are some ways dads can REALLY help with breastfeeding.

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Natural ways to prevent the breast infection (mastitis) that is common for breastfeeding women.

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MUST pin if you're breastfeeding -- #3 is a lifesaver!

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Top Ten Breastfeeding Tips and Duties for Dad! Help your partner succeed at breastfeeding - a must read for all new Daddies and Dads-to-be!

Looking for free baby stuff? Save money with these fantastic baby freebies!



I love breastfeeding, but it's not always easy. Here are 7 things I wish lactation consultants and breastfeeding classes would teach.

Ultra-light Mei Tai Kangaroo Care Top - More useful than any other garment! In addition to its sleek look, find great comfort and a versatile integrated skin-to-skin baby carrier you can wear from birth until approximately 18 lbs (8 kg). It also allows easy breastfeeding by pulling the front layer. Solidly made in a soft organic cotton jersey + breezy and breathable cotton gauze for maximum comfort even on warmer days.

Notes from “Induced Lactation and Adoptive Nursing” : KellyMom