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這是韓國人Seongyong Lee的設計。在餐具的喉嚨加了一顆空心球,以便浮在水面上。據說這個設計的初衷是洗碗的時候讓餐具會自動浮上來,省去在水裡撈那麼麻煩......如果你家的洗碗槽有游泳池那麼大,或是比你的手臂還深,那這個設計就派得上用場了。跳轉下一頁看更多照片和實際示範影片:
  • ~Cheryl Ruebel~

    Floating Ladle: This unique ladle does not sink under water because of the empty ball and handle part. Seongyong Lee: Floater cutlery, 2004 This product started from two main purposes. First, whenever you wash your dishes, you might have difficulties to find spoon as cutlery sinks deep down into water. Second, it is based on the idea of easy holding. Through making inside empty, it becomes rising to the surface of water like a float. #kitchen #gadgets

  • Elizabeth Rhodes

    floating ladle. smart. These would work great for soups, sauces, or punch - whether just for a home-cooked dinner left on the stovetop, or for a party buffet table (you know how annoying it is to find somewhere to lay the ladle while at a party?!)

  • Molly Ondersma

    More Random Stuff I Don’t Need But Kinda Want… : theBERRY

  • Elizabeth Hreha

    Floating Ladle: would be great for the punch bowl or pot luck soup/chili.

  • Dan Copeland

    Cool idea. Floating Ladle. The ball in the handle makes the ladle buoyant in water. A brilliant solution to a common problem.

  • Aditi Jhanwar

    A floating ladle... awesome! They should do this with every utensil - Kitchen Tools

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A floating ladle... awesome! They should do this with every utensil

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