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I would give you a nasty look... But I see you already have one.

Blunt Cards Coffee | can t tell you the number of times i ve fantasized about running my ...

haha true

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Funny Texts – 32 Pics


Couldn't be said better

Emily Hill why do you think im in a bad mood?!!?! what are you trying to say!?! quit looking at me like that!!!!

People mistake your silence for arrogance. | 20 Reasons It Sucks To Be An Introvert


Beer And Stupidity: 18 More Of The Very Best Rotten E-Cards From The Last Months. Hard Thruths Served With A Heavy Dose Of Bitterness And Sarcasm... [18 Photos]

#lol #funny #humor


Funny Photos for making you Laugh Such as Kids.


Two Thousand and Always. God love you, Jon Stewart. xD

,Oh many things I can think of while at the office but once I'm home, bra off...forget it!!

MY RESPONSE TO THE SIGN: No, THANK YOU for your judgey and shaming signage; and for the assumption that, if a child happens to be having an off day in your store, then they are automatically mini-savages who are uneducated and unloved by their parent(s). ;-)

Why is this so funny to me

Yep, that's me.

Well done.