Red Heeler | Red Heeler --- the original caption. To me it sure looks like a red heeler going under a blue heeler. Both are Australian Cattle Dogs. I have a blue one.

Aww Boogers <3 @Sydnie King

Not gonna happen....




The difference between dogs and cats

Such a cutie.




I’m sorry I jumped on the dinner guest… With your granny panties stuck on my head…

Shaming pets has gone to a new level.


rule breakers.

Heeler puppy.

Ernie with bailey. Lol

Could we at least stop at starbucks this is what dallas says!!... poor puppy :(

I could totally see Oliver doing this: he loves the dishwasher! After he is done Benton always jokes we can just put the dishes back: sparkling "clean."

It's good to know my animals are not the only ones who do this lol