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Polina Semionova in Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude - abstract tutu - lovely form

En Pointe. (I have a lot of dreams where I'm doing this. And flying. Not at the same time. Totally normal, right?)

I used to stretch like this everyday :( Could balance en pointe, too, in attitude and arabesque. Maybe it's time to start stretching again.

It makes me so happy to see when the foot is actually pushing over the box... the way it should be!

the courage and strength to continue ballet is not easy to get ahold of but some very brave women and men manage to obtain it.

للراقصين على اوتار الوجع في بحار الشوق .. اوقفوا رقصكم النازف الما من دفق الذكريات .. اكسروا ريشة العود واقطعوا اوتار الكمان .. اتركوا حروفكم ترسم الهجر على جدران الزمان .. ولا تزهو فرحاً بالرقص طرباً على بقايا انسان .. فالدنيا مرآة وكما تدين تدان ..