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Late on the night of March 10, 1948, a fire started in a kitchen of the main building of Highland Hospital in Asheville, NC. Spreading rapidly through a dumbwaiter shaft, flames reached every floor, and, in spite of efforts by hospital staff and local fire fighters to evacuate everyone from the building, nine patients died. Among the victims of the fire, identified only by her slipper, was Zelda Fitzgerald, who with her husband, the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald

"Joseph Laroche and Juliette Lafargue were the only interracial couple aboard the Titanic. As the ship sank, Joseph stuffed his coat with money & jewelry, took his pregnant wife and children to the deck and managed to get them into a lifeboat. He gave the coat to his wife, and said: “Here, take this, you are going to need it. I’ll get another boat. God be with you. I’ll see you in New York.” Joseph died in the sinking. He was the only victim of African descent on the Titanic."

Lady Florence Norman, a suffragette, on her motor-scooter in 1916, travelling to work at offices in London where she was a supervisor. The scooter was a birthday present from her husband, the journalist and Liberal politician Sir Henry Norman.

1917, “Great Gatsby” genius F.Scott Fitzgerald’s military portrait. I know he purchased the uniform for this photo at Brooks Brothers, was very excited to go to battle, but never ended up serving. It was a regret that supposedly haunted him his whole life, never being in a war. My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

Dorothea Dix (1802-1887), a school teacher, was the foremost advocate for the humane care of the mentally ill during the 19th century. Her efforts are credited with the establishment of 32 state mental hospitals throughout the United States.

This horrific photo shows a Jewish woman victim of a starvation experiment at the Dachau "hospital". Pictures like this make me want to howl with rage and fury,

Civil War Sagafrom Civil War Saga

Jesse James: The Confederate Guerrilla

Frank and Jesse James in 1872. The James brothers were Confederate guerrillas in Missouri during the Civil War.

Macon, Georgia, Bibb Mill Girls: 1909 adolescents, exhaustion notice lint covering clothes hair

On 17 April 1955, Albert Einstein experienced internal bleeding caused by the rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysm, which had previously been reinforced surgically by Dr. Rudolph Nissen in 1948. Einstein refused surgery, saying: "I want to go when I want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it elegantly." He died in Princeton Hospital early the next morning at the age of 76, having continued to work until near the end.

Anna Anderson is probably the most well known entry on this list. In 1920, Anderson turned up at a mental hospital in Germany as a Jane Doe. She refused to reveal her identity at first, but two years later she began claiming to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, who was believed (though not by all) to have been executed with the rest of the Russian Royal family four years earlier. Anderson was the most well known woman claiming to be Anastasia she continued the claim until her death

This is the last photograph of Buffalo Bill Cody, taken outside his doctor’s office, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, seven days before he died of kidney failure in Denver on January 10, 1917. - Courtesy Cowan's Auctions -

Fleur Ange was born to a young, newly-wed couple in Vietnam. One night her father went into a jealous rage, questioning the paternity of his child - he brutally attacked the mother and infant with a machete, leaving the right side of the baby’s face mutilated beyond recognition, and the mother dead. After the attack, the baby was left on the doorstep of a nearby hospital...

Ernest Hemingway, American Red Cross volunteer, recuperates from wounds at ARC Hospital, Milan, Italy, September 1918.

The Atlanticfrom The Atlantic

World War II: Women at War

U.S. nurses walk along a beach in Normandy, France on July 4, 1944, after they had waded through the surf from their landing craft. They are on their way to field hospitals to care for the wounded allied soldiers.

Olive Oatman was 13 when she traveled with her family to California by wagon. Attacked by Indians who killed all of the family but Olive, her Sister (who later died of starvation) and her Brother (who escaped). Sold to the Mojave tribe as a slave, she was tattooed and taken in as "one of their own". She was rescued 5 yrs later. She married John Fairchild in 1860, moved to Sherman TX where she died in 1903 and was buried in West Hill Cemetery on Lamar St. in Sherman.