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    I love this!!!! Too funny

    absolutely have to have one!!

    ♥ this is the life♥

    I can't stop laughing Bahahaha

    This looks like me and my old dog. I have this wash basin when we would clean Aggie! :) #RIP #goodtimes #GoldenRetriever

    Happy Dogs

    Adele lol songs these days are just anyone w/ auto & a pretty face or crazy lyrics America is just pitiful :D

    When you piss off your mom. this makes me laugh. when my son doesn't eat my husband always says "but mommy made it with love!"

    this one made me laugh too hard. it was unrealistic. Just the baby's face!!!!

    Kip from Napoleon Dynamite Halloween costume idea (better yet - use the entire cast for a group!). Thanks @Jessica Koller!

    Happy Dalmatian

    Can't stop laughing!!!!! @Courtney H hahahahahahahhaaha im crying im laughing so hard

    Too cute! I want to do this xD

    Chi Chi.


    Dog Lips