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The wall painting at Cacaxtla done in fresco, brings us the history and myth of war. The particular style of these paintings fuses the pictorial traditions of the Maya world and Teotihuacan.There is a full-sized figure dressed in a jaguar skin, the dress of a warrior class. In his hands he holds a rod signifying command and appears on a serpent that has the same features as the jaguar. This big feline is associated with the earth, the forces of night, and the underworld.

South American deity of labor, child birth, & the 'female' warrior. Labor & delivery was so respected as to be revered as the battle between good & evil. Women who died in child birth were given a Warrior's burial - they are considered to have died fighting for all of humanity.

from By Harrington

Painting #106

Gratitude Angels These are great for those small gifts. Keep a few on hand and give them all through the year. 2" X 16" Wood

This is a Minoan fresco found at the palace of Knossos. Fresco paintings were formed by painting on a wall that was freshly covered with limestone, and did not have time to dry. I was actually able to visit this palace on Crete and it was amazing!