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  • Samella Cyrus

    Fruit drinks (with alcohol) drinks

  • Daniella DiMasso-Shininger

    Cocktail Hour Mixed Drink Recipes: Blue Valium, Liquid Marijuana, Peached Whale, Tootie Fruity,and Cape Cod

  • Dana Renee

    Yummy Cocktail Recipes (Liquid Marijuana)

  • Lauren Tuso

    Colorful drink recipes --- everyone loves the Liquid Marijuana!

  • Erin Marie

    5 different alcoholic drink recipes. OMG Liquid Marijuana is in here! One of my very favorite drinks! Bartenders NEVER know how to make them...well, I :)

  • Tanya Hacecky

    Blue valium, Liquid marijuana, Peached whale, Tootie fruity, & Cape cod. yummy summer drinks!

  • Francis Peterson

    Fruity drink recipes food

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It's like a Sonic cherry limeade, with alcohol...OMG is it Friday yet so I can enjoy one!!!

yea well even tho coca cola is my thing... izze soda is a pepsi product. but this pic is kinda cute. but I think the fact I have been put to the pepsi/cola test im gonna pin it. did u know naked juice is a pepsi product? yea well um think about that one.

Sugar and Charm: honey citrus cocktail: Dragon Fruit Vodka, Honey, Grapefruit Juice, Orange Juice.

Wonder if you can use something other than vodka

Kaelah's Cocktail Hour v.2: Rum Runner, Bride to Be, Green Dino, Undercurrent, & Dead Nazi

You can make this cool layered drink by stacking the sugar content.

If I ever work in a place where I make drinks like this, shoot me... if you ever ask me for a drink like this, hand me your gun.