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Wild Boar by Thomas Marth

~~North American Porcupine | the Animal Kingdom’s answer to hipster foodies. Apparently, going for the tasty leaves nearby isn’t good enough for the porcupine. Instead, they go out on a limb (pun absolutely intended) for the furthest leaves on trees, often losing their balance and falling to the ground | Joan Saba /


.... 2 hours old

Sloth Sanctuary, Costa Rica

The uncommonly beautiful Common Sparrow

American Pika (Ochotona princeps)


Baby Koala

Mushroom umbrella

#HeartShapedFace #BarnOwl #Owls #Beautiful #Magnificent #Animals ♥ ::)

Baby Sloths... (Scroll to the bottom)

Pronghorn Buck

Norway Lemmings



The alien-looking Banded Horned Treefrog (Hemiphractus fasciatus)

Poster of the 8 bear species: Top L to R panda, sun bear, sloth bear, Andean or speckled bear,N American black bear, brown bear, polar. Asiatic or moon bear. Note: A Koala is not a bear.

Hedgehogs you just can’t help but love ‘em

Sunda pangolin w/her pango-pup: Manis javanica is critically endangered: found in the forests of SE Asia. She has a conical head & a sticky tongue for poking into termite & ant nests and but no teeth. by australiangeographic

Quokka and her baby. Rottnest Island off Western Australia, August 2012. Photo: Caitlin Schokker


A young wild Boar by Stefan Rosengarten