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4th century Mexico or Guatemala; Maya/Perhaps the depiction of a fourth-century Maya king,ncense burner

Ceremonial Handle (?), 9th–13th century Mexico; Maya-Toltec (?) Jade (jadeite/omphacite)

This very expressive sculpture of an ancient Maya man is in the collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum

Censer with Seated Figure, 5th–6th century Guatemala; Maya Esta mañana estuve en una exhibicion de los mayas en el museo de Denver. Me quede maravillada sobretodo al enterarme de que escribian en un tipo de papel...!!!! Y me puso furiosa al saber que un sacerdote quemo muchos libros mayas. Tanta historia perdida!!!! Gracias a Dios por las piedras....

Head from a Figure Date: 7th–8th century Geography: Mexico, Mesoamerica Culture: Maya Medium: Ceramic MET

Censer Support Date: mid-7th–9th century Geography: Mexico, Mesoamerica Culture: Maya Medium: Ceramic MET

Pakal Sarcophagus Lid, depiction of King Pakal (603-683 CE) in the jaws of the underworld, symbolic of his death and journey into the underworld and resurrection with the Maize God. Temple of the Inscriptions, Palenque, Mexico. Maya, Late Classic Period.

Censer Support, 8th–9th century Mexico; Maya/This hand-modeled flanged ceramic cylinder would have supported a bowl for the burning of incense for ritual purposes. A high-relief standing figure with a looped motif between his eyes, which is thought to relate to the Maya god of the sun, is depicted on the front.