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    Conspiracy and Paranoia in the UFO Community

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    UFO and military aircrafts?...hmmmmmmm makes me think ...Conspiracy...Are they testing them? Sure looks that way!

    Alien UFO Sightings: Milton William Cooper - The UFO Conspiracy

    Airport UFO ?

    The Sighting of This Striking UFO by Military Personnel

    UFO sightings chart circa 1969. From the UK National Archives image gallery.

    UFO at Falcon Lake, Manitoba

    A set of Arctic UFO images from 1971 have set conspiracy forums ablaze. The images are believed to have been taken from the USS Trepang submarine as it travelled between Iceland and Norway's Jan Mayen Island


    Ufo in scenery photo

    Many ufologists and conspiracy theorists believe there is a link between UFOs and Nazi Germany. According to their clams, the Nazis successfully developed advanced aircraft or spacecraft prior to and during World War II. When the war ended, the craft and their creators survived in secret underground bases located in Antarctica, South America or even the US.

    UFO over house

    The history of UFO sightings and abductions timeline. The full timeline of all UFO sightings here: alien-ufo-researc...

    1989 - Nashville, Tennessee. September 27. The photographs of these UFOs were provided by Commander Graham Bethune of the US Navy.

    An alien-like figure on each side of what appears to be a UFO.

    Aliens and UFOS in Ancient Art ~

    The Roswell UFO incident took place on July 7, 1947, when an airborne object crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. The United States Armed Forces maintains that what was recovered was debris from the crash of an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon. In contrast, many UFO proponents maintain that an alien craft was found, its occupants were captured, and that the military engaged in a massive cover-up.

    Found on Mars: Ancient Building Structure Tools Friday, April 11, 2014 6:52

    Government Now Admits 'Area 51' Exists...8/15 (I wonder what they are trying to distract us from this time)

    Conspiracy Theories that Turned Out to be True Infographic