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The Silver Fox is a threatened breed. It is a beautiful rabbit, which stands apart from other breeds. It was the first large breed produced that dressed out at 65% of its live weight. Does have large litters, produce plenty of milk, are excellent mothers, and make wonderful foster mothers. Silver Fox are known for their docile and gentle nature.

Silver Fox Rabbit Status: Critical The Silver Fox was the third rabbit breed developed in the United States. It was created by Walter B. Garland of North Canton, Ohio. With its large, meaty body and beautiful fur, the Silver Fox makes a great multipurpose breed. Originally called the American Heavyweight Silver, the breed’s name was eventually changed to American Silver Fox, and then to Silver Fox. Young Silver Fox rabbits, however, are not silver at all. They are born black or blue, and…

Silver fox rabbits are a rare heritage breed of rabbit. They are gentle, have large litters and they grow well on pasture.

New Zealand red rabbits is a rabbit breed, which despite the name, is American in origin. New Zealand rabbits are available in three ARBA-recognized colors: white, red, and black, broken. blues are not yet showable. Its weight is 10-12 pounds. They can produce up to fifteen kits at a time. The normal amount is 7-8 kits. They make wonderful pets.

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