finally! baby for the bill and g!

Pittbull <3 <3 <3

gypsy <3 Classic Beauty <3 Fashionable

2014 best long,layered hair for women | Long Hair 2014: My Favorite Long Hairstyle Photos

<3 Lucy and Ricky <3

Reese Witherspoon is always GORG! and oh so cute rockin' that bump <3

Megan Fox, hot MOMMA!!


Bill Murray

Emma Stone ♥

I hope she is as sweet as she appears.

Princess Diana in the dress that she deliberately wore on the day that Prince Charles did his TV interview in which he announced to the world that he "had never loved her."

this picture makes me so happy

Angelina Jolie + Brad Pitt

Only a princess looks this good after having a baby.

Woohoo!! I knew you had it in you! Literally :) Congrats Momma! Fox and Green in Hawaii (AKM-GSI)


Sweet baby Jesus.

This is more beautiful than a double rainbow.

1953 Marilyn Monroe - photo Alfred Eisenstaedt

black dress brown boots