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    These guys have a tastey website.

    Self-watering #planter made from recycled bottles...clever clever. LOVE IT! #diy

    WebDesignPool - A smorgeous board of attractive web designs. Great for inspiration.


    Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer

    "X Factor Philippines 2012 - Osang" - Let's just say, you won't expect what this person is about to sing!

    Ancient Hun archery rapid fire technique demonstrated by Lajos Kassai

    Grippy Pad - buy at, only £6.99 plus raise money for charity from every purchase via

    The new, larger version of the Internet: IPv6. This is undoubtedly awesome and will ensure the internet can grow (that is of course if we don't exhaust the trillion trillion billion gazillion allowance of IP addresses!)

    Grippy Pad. Watch the video on firebox, amazing! Wonder if it's related to the super sticky silicone material inspired by Beetle feet? Only £6.99 from (and raise money for Charity for free if you buy via

    Sex Panther. If you've seen Anchor Man, you'll get this! "60% of the time, it works everytime!". £29.99 including P from (raise money for Charity via with no extra cost to you either!)

    JellyfiSHH for Mac - Great SSH connection manager.

    CSS3D Clouds - An experiment on creating 3d-like cloud with CSS3 3D Transfomrs and a bit of Javascript.

    Uploadify - a jQuery plugin for uploading multiple files.

    Stream music on your mobile phone for free with grooveshark

    So I stumbled upon this awesome search engine today - check it out!

    I had to pin this!

    A rather impressive fiver shirt - folded by Chris from the team! - my new favourite place for generating Ajax Loaders.

    "Leaflet" - A Modern, Lightweight Open-Source JavaScript Library for making Interactive Maps.

    Create an iPad app, on your iPad? No problem thanks to Codea! They've added some nice use of touch to their code editor too!

    "How it works" - an amazing series televised on BBC4 about materials past, present and future by British material scientist Mark Miodownik. A must to watch.

    jQuery - A brilllliant JavaScript Library beloved by many web developers across the lands.

    Spotify's CEO says an iPad app is "in the works" - I wonder if it'll look anything like this mockup?

    The Speed Camera Lottery - Volkswagen's Fun Theory award winner