Star Wars Themed Printing Pages. My boys love this and so do my girls! It is perfect for the start of the new school year!

Star Wars preschool printables. cute. Could also use the figure drawings for story stones. :)

Cute Star Wars craft

star wars themed birthday- candy bar wrapper favors

Popsicle stick name easels! Ahh these would be so cute at a kid's art party!!

FREE Star Wars coloring pages!

every printable you can think of - I will be glad I pinned this one day

The 25 Coolest Science Experiments for kids! This year as an incentive for my homeroom students, instead of earning a party filled with junk food and wasted time, they can earn a science party...which means doing a science demo/experiment (that may or may not have anything to do with curriculmn goals.) An excuse to do more fun science in class? I'll take it! They will LOVE these!

Free Star Wars Printables

Star Wars Snowflakes ~ Templates to cut snowflakes like Darth Vader, Hans Solo, the Death Star

DIY Boy's room Star Wars art... (or girls room. People, you need to remember that Star Wars is for everybody ;)

Star Wars Lunchbox Notes Printables #backtoschool #freeprintables

Star Wars Kids Crafts for May the 4th IF I DIDN'T HAVE TOO MANY OTHER THINGS TO DO TODAY I WOULD SO BE MAKING AT LEAST THREE OF THESE. Maybe next weekend when it's actually SW Day? ;) Or ... summer. May is not likely to be low-key. Also I would be done with all the things I am trying to do on the computer this morning a lot faster if I didn't peak at Pinterest or my blog reader feeds.

Snowball Games- Minute to win it style games with a winter theme. Great for an advent calendar activity for the family, for classroom parties or holiday events.

Star Wars Lego - Free School Printables

downloadable Birthday questionnaires for the kids to answer each year

Parachute the booklet...

Books according to age, level, theme-All for boys

Star Wars Finger Puppets Patterns and Tutorial via Amy Huntley (

Star Wars snowflakes!

This weather blog hop brings together over 60 ideas for weather themed activities for kids: art, craft, science, math, literacy, food. Great resource for a weather study combining lots of learning in one theme.