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2011 infographic about the digital divide from ASCD. The Digital Divide: Resource Roundup - The "digital divide" is still a critical issue in education and beyond, and is even more complex than it was a decade ago. Here's a roundup of resources and organizations to help educators understand both the history and the new landscape of the digital divide.

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Resources for Understanding the Common Core State Standards

Resources for understanding the Common Core State Standards.

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Flipping The Classroom

27 ways to flip the classroom

A sneak peek at the September 2012 issue of Educational Leadership magazine, on the theme, “Feedback for Learning.” This issue arrives, next week, at

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An Introduction to Project-Based Learning

Classroom Management Strategies for Elementary Teachers. Blogger Gaetan Pappalardo asks the question..."With what are you struggling?". Read on as he adds his unique humor to his reflections.

50 Classroom Technology Tools In ONE PLACE! Symbaloo board for all things technology in your classroom. GREAT Resource for all subjects, levels, students, and teachers.

Tons of technology links & resources for educators. Whether your students have laptops/tablets or not, you can still incorporate technology into your curriculum to prepare them for the digital world.

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iPad uPad wePad; Going 1-1 at St Oliver Plunkett

IPad resources for the classroom

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Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding

Through alternative formative assessment, teachers can check for student understanding without falling back on the tedious or intimidating pop quiz.

six emerging technologies in education


Q&A: Have You Checked Your Child's Digital Footprint?

Great resource for upper elementary students This website explain what a digital footprint is, and how it can impact your life. We must be aware of our digital footprints; However, digital footprints are not always negative. Students can create positive digital footprints, which will help in employment, post-secondary education, etc.

This picture pertains to my educational philosophy and how I personally feel about education. I believe it is critically important to educate students not only on academic and subject material, but more importantly to ensure they are passionate about what they are doing, whatever that may be. Furthermore, I think it is important to educate students to become contributing members to society and are able to function as well-adjusted adults. I want to teach to pass tests both on and off…

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YouTube launches education-only site, won't teach evolution of dance (video)

cool resources for education

Helpful information for educators to explain to students and parents #education #SAT #ACT differences

27 Tips For Becoming A Digital Teacher from Edudemic. See how you can enhance your classroom!