• Viviane Hettinger

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  • Amy Thompson

    True story from Sir Mixalot

  • ༶Patty Roy༶

    Some E cards Only trust people with big butts. They cannot lie.

  • Lara Ricks

    Lesson one: Only trust people who like big butts... They cannot lie. | Breakup Ecard

  • April Kirchner

    So funny!!! These chalker stalkers HATE big butts, but the majority of them HAVE big butts... a little self esteem transference, eh?

  • Bryan

    Hahahahaha funny stuff.

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so true

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I had to do that last one a couple times. Because this one salesman kept showing up at my door but I didnt open the door even after I found out he wasn't a murderer because, well I just don't think it's ok to have a person at your door in the middle of no-where knocking..... so ya I hid

Love for my peeps haha


YOLO-Because stupid people dont know what Carpe Diem means. So true. Hate yolo

Sorry that most of my hilarious jokes are borderline inappropriate. And by sorry, I mean you're welcome.

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Proud to be a nurse!


oh if only

this is fantastic! Bahahahahahahahaha!

Wouldn't it be nice???

Everyday ;-)



Some days..