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How Much is Student Loan Debt Costing You? Frightening! This is one reason why it's SO important to find the right "fit" of college and maximize financial aid options!

The Non-Tuition Costs of College - Costly expenses that come along with the life of a college students. On average, college students rack up between $2700-$7000 in credit card debt.

I want nothing more than to pay off my student loan debt so that I can live simply & travel extensively.

How much does going to college really cost? Theres a lot more than just the tuition and book fees to consider.

#INFOgraphic > US Student Loan Debt Crisis: Student loan debt in the US has gone 4X up since 2003 and banks seem to be determined to keep leeching students and likewise their families. Outstanding debt has evolved to a flap and lower to middle income households are in despair. See a breakdown of banking on education with historical data. > infographicsmania...

College student swimming in debt? Have no fear use this infographic about the benefits of paying off your student loans. Also let's not forget to use Mobee for when you are out on study breaks, its the only app where you get rewarded for reviewing local businesses!

This economics unit includes 33 goods vs. service cards for sorting and high engagement games 9 vocabulary cards technology resources 6 student response sheets covering the concepts of goods/services, opportunity cost, and consumers/producers. 11 page early reader "What is... Economics?" for students introducing economic vocabulary and concepts covered in the unit. $

What are you willing to give up to get out of DEBT? If you want different results, you're going to have to DO something different. It's going to take SACRIFICE. Everyone's sacrifices are different. What are yours?

Student Caring & Prof. David C. Pecoraro

Goal Setting: Have you made it your goal to pay off your student loans? Pay off your student loan debt even fast with our real girl's guide to paying down debt.

How one woman paid off $170,000 in student loans -- such an inspiring post! A must-read if you need some motivation for getting out of debt!

Print off this blank Pinterest board and have your students fill it in with images and quotes from book characters, historical figures, scientists, and more!