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Malificent, Summer 2012, created by jen-a-1 on Polyvore

Chic & Silly, created by jen-a-1 on Polyvore

Lady-ish, created by jen-a-1 on Polyvore - my first Polyvore thing-a-ma-bob

"malificent" by swimmergirl1313 on Polyvore

"Malificent" by nardeenelsokkary on Polyvore

"Malificent" by disney-bound on Polyvore

"Malificent" by kimberlee-peers-moore on Polyvore I NEED THIS DRESS OMG

"Malificent" by kimberlee-peers-moore on Polyvore

"Malificent" by jamiethornton78 on Polyvore

"Masquerade as Malificent" by pam-kyle-mcglaughlin on Polyvore

"Malificent" by mandergirl728 on Polyvore

Malificent by brittney-ison, via Polyvore


so simple with a splash of color

Cripes! This is cute.


Woot woot

What time is it? Time to get ill!

Me Likey. Thanks Joan.

want it