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One day we'll put a door between our guest bedroom and living room. Build a bookcase on door. Make believe you have a secret room in your house. I love this idea! And it can be a secret hiding place


Hidden Stone Door to Secret Room THIS IS SICK i am so having something like this in my future house. Except I'll make it a dummy door and the hidden door the real door

멋진 객실

Awesome Rooms

Roll it Experimental Housing in Germany! Isn't that so cool! I have two nice spots to sit and a cool built in desk! I WOULD WANT THAT . I really want this , the other thing that I can say is WOW and AMAZING

OMG if my house was like this I would die #amazing gepinnt vom GentlemanClub - weitere spannende Beiträge auch in meinem Blog www.thegentlemanclub.de

RuPaul Wayfarer Sunglasses

Trampolín, de la cama a la piscina! So many cool things in one place! I want the bedroom!

YES!! I've always thought this would be a fantastic idea!

A slide in Maison Martin Margiela, Sanlitun Beijing! I want one in my dream house - maybe from the front porch to the bus stop for my kids (and for mommy when she goes to pick them up ; This looks like so much fun!

Steampunk design interior Door wrap sticker

Steampunk design interior Door wrap sticker

steampunk door S.png I want a door like this going into one of the bedrooms. (This is just a wrap).

How to hide things.- I especially like the hidden liquor cabinet...I'll take note of that one for when I have kids of my own

How to hide things.

I love things that hide things. I especially want that bathtub and the vent/safe. The TV hiding all the other electronics is a great idea, but I'd imagine there'd have to be some kind of sensor in order to work the other stuff.

Bookshelves built into stairs! So cool! If I read alot of books they would definately be full!

Staircase/Ladder/Bookcase - So very smart-looking and optimizing space, too! Over the basement stair


Great for door leading from Room to Closet Lounge! Turn a closet into a bookcase and then make the door MORE bookcases? Pretty sure my husband would love this!

Library with a hidden door - Geez, makes me think of Russell and Gretchen's home in the mountains.

An entry from Chimney Smoke

A corner of the Library in Felbrigg Hall, England, with its Gothick style bookcases / ©National Trust Images/David Kirkham .Is that a rotating bookcase, I see?