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    • Gitte Jensen

      Children don't need your presents, they need your Presence. Bits of Truth... all quotes

    • Jan Bell

      Amen!!! Think about it parents!!

    • Joe MikeandKaren Clem

      Yep my enlaws seem to forget my kids birthdays even though they live in this same town!

    • Lisa Brady

      So true, but life is so crazy most parents wind up having to resort to the presents. What are we doing to ourselves. Bits of Truth... all quotes

    • Connie Carmichael

      Inspirational Quotes about Life

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    Attract what you expect. Reflect what you desire. Become what your respect. And mirror what you admire.

    Nothing in life is just handed over on a silver platter. You have to earn it, be dedicated to it, and be passionate about it.

    10 Tips for a Mindful Home... I'm not so sure about the "sleep when tired" one... I'm a night owl and get spurts of energy if I stay up too late; therefore, I have to turn in before I *can't* sleep!

    Buy less, choose well. - Vivienne Westwood I need this framed. HUGE.

    Good advice! Most of these are really good. I think "learn how to jump a car" needs to be on here too.

    Wow. Yes. Speak with words of encouragement, inspiration, love, and gentleness. Listen with sincerity, listen without getting distracted. Really give your time, your attention, and yourself to the person who is talking to you.

    Best Advice Ever. #teen #quotes +++For more quotes like this, visit www.quotesarelife...

    I don't know about the SHOULDs in the title, but here is some wise advice. Pick a few and give them a try. Some were new ideas to me and I'm an ol' lady.

    You are so much more than what's happened to you. Jesus will heal your wounds and broken heart if you let Him ❤

    good advice - not heeding this is why I work full-time, making the school auction quilt, am the lead food coordinator for the auction, etc. At least I have deleted most of my angry emails before they hit cyberspace. I don't even put the recipient in the to: line until I'm really ready to send a bitchy email.