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    This is too good! XD

    i was torn on which folder to put this in truth or giggles but its louis ck so i just went with gigggles

    HAHA YES!!!! XD

    At first when I watched the show I thought he was quoting othello but l laughed so hard when he said he was calling her the parrot #iagobackstaber

    Haha this is awesome! XD

    Watch a sunrise at least once a day XD HAHA

    love this for a prom date idea too!! XD

    I wouldn't have to manage my anger if people would manage their fucking stupidity.

    haha oh my gosh XD

    24 Signs You’re Secretly An Old Person

    Door-Holding Etiquette... this made me laugh... I so do the last one all the time - very awkward, but once I commit to holding the door open for someone I feel like I can't let it shut :-)

    made me laugh.

    When a girl says fine...

    It's true!

    just kidding

    Exactly what happens with me and my sisters laptop haha


    Up vs. Twilight