Love vintage dinettes!

By request… It’s “Love at first sight” - 1950 Chromcraft Dinette Ad.

vintage dinettes

1950's. I really want that dining set! My grandmother had a red one and my mother had a yellow one, but, alas, I have none!

Amazing '50s kitchen cabinet

vintage plycraft chair

SPASS KARTE Good morning, dear! #vintage #couples #kitchens #homemakers

I would LOVE to have these!

Folding laundry in style, 1957. #vintage #1950s #laundry #pink #appliances #homemaker

bright sunny-hued comforter

Vintage Phones

retro yellow dinette

1950s Dinette 'oh yes everybody had these!

Idealized illustration from the 1950s

friends had felix the cat clock

dinette set

yellow step stool my mom still has one in her kitchen the girls eat by the cutting board and sat on this chair

Retro dinette set.

Gorgeous 1950's Laminate Dinette Set.

Absolutely loving this yellow + gray color palette, these awesome patterns, and that modern headboard!

Everything about this 1950s image is so lovely. #vintage #homemaker #kitchen #1950s