Boob pillow. Because they don't always want to snuggle with one another.... <- OH. MY. GOSH!!!!!! lmao. It looks like a penis

Almohadas originales

Here's what those fake boobs will look like in a few decades...have fun with that. Ew.

We have rounded up some strange and funny gadget that you will not believe exist.

This is hysterically funny!!

Big Boob Problems @Christina Childress Childress Childress & Quezada see, it's not all it's cracked up to be! ;)

HAHAHA! Boob scarfs! Hilarious!!!!

OMG!!!! hahaha

The only acceptable paint job for a smart car

Oh, well. Take solace in the fact that this joy is more delightful now than ever:

Phunniest thing ever! Hahahaha! @Susan Caron Caron Caron Caron Caron Manning @Stephanie Close Close Close Close Close Wilkerson @Mandy Bryant Bryant Bryant Bryant Bryant McDonald

fun bar stools O my laughing at this one!!: Giggle, Barstools, Chairs, Funny Stuff, Humor, Funnies, Bar Stools, Things

43 people you won't believe actually exist! So funnnnny!

"My dad gives me this cake EVERY year on my birthday." <-- parenting done right HILARIOUS

Hilarious site called, "Pinterest, You Are Drunk" all about the most ridiculous stuff found on Pinterest. Ok this is now my favorite site

Don't you mean the best?


Things that don't work both ways... Hahaha!!