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You're awesome of you know what this is from!

Oh yeah...standing and swinging

Grandma's Kitchen...

Drive-In Movies

Leggs nylons ! Ha !!

Vicks Inhaler

Teen Magazine.....

Cheered in Hi School.. Played fast pitch and slow pitch after I was married !! So there !!! :-D

softball softball softball.. Loved playing and I didn't play til I was married !!

Vintage Rotary Phone, Princess Phone, Turquoise Phone, Starlite Phone, Old New Stock, Mid Century Phone... (I remember wanting one of these SOOO BAD !!)

Duck and cover and don't look at the blast -School nuclear bomb drill during the Cold War.(been there/done that)

Cool Flip Flops!

Fisher Price family, such great child memories!

Love her-still making me laugh

our family favorite

The Best Witch of All Wizard Of Oz Movie Halloween

The Twin Towers with the Statue of Liberty in foreground.



Vintage Coca-Cola Machine

My mom used to roll my hair with these.

ER.. Loved every episode .. Cried when George left !!

The Lawrence Welk Show.. My gramma Grams favorite show ( mom liked it too

The Ed Sullivan Show

The Waltons... " GOOD NIGHT JON BOY"...